Who We Are

Dead On Tools is one of the world’s fastest-growing brands of hardware and storage gear today. From its humble beginnings, Dead On Tools has grown to be a household name within the trade. If you enter any job site, chances are you will find Dead On Tools. Our cornerstone products, such as our investment cast hammers, helped build the way for the brand. Today, Dead On Tools still carries its namesake hand tools, but has focused intently on mastering professional tool belts and other styles of gear. The latest installation of tool belts includes serious upgrades like the professional suspension system and belt that boasts a maximum width of 52" around. These innovations have helped keep Dead On Tools at the front of the pack.

As additional hand tools like the Exhumer nail puller series and the ever popular Annihilator wrecking bars were developed, they quickly became consumer favorites. The popularity of these products has helped put Dead On Tools on the map.

Listening to the needs of our end users led to the innovation and development of our Leather and Canvas Hybrid Tool Belts. This combination is truly unmatched because it was made by the user, for the user.

In the more recent past, Dead On Tools has been expanding its brand, promoting the Made To Live Out Loud campaign. Here at Dead On Tools, we understand that hard work is an empowering lifestyle that should be celebrated! Dead On Tools has partnered with organizations like NASCAR to help show that Dead On Tools LIVES LIFE OUT LOUD.

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