Racing Lookbook 2021-2022

Dead On Tools is moving fast to the leading edge of racing sponsorship. Dead On Tools and racing are Made To Live Out Loud. We work hard and play hard. Join us at one of our upcoming events to celebrate this empowering lifestyle. Check out the highlights from Martinsville to Los Angeles to Darlington. As we complete another lap, we’re always ready for fresh pavement and new fans!

Dead On Tools and Racing

85 Million Race Fans and Growing

Clash at the Coliseum

Breakthrough Racing in Los Angeles

Dead On Tools 250

Ahead of the Pack and Shaking Up the Competition

Dead On Tools 200

On the Cutting Edge with Tech & Teamwork

Nail Art at the Midway

Hammering Out the Fine Details

This Artwork is a Keeper

Look Who Nailed It

Defying Gravity

Zero Vibe Hammers Make It Look Easy

The No. 15 Race Truck

The Competition Just Sees the Back

Packing the Midway

Clock-Stopping Intensity from Fans and Contestants

Hungry to Win

Hot Dog Eating Contest for Dead On Tools Prizes

Make Your Mark

Feel the Energy and Put It All Out There

Best Display on the Midway

People Can’t Resist the Fun and Excitement

Race Day Superfans

Sporting New Dead On Tools Gloves

Spinning Prize Wheel

Everyone Who Spins Wins

Relay Race Contest

Impressive Skills are Put to the Test

Best Pros & Best Equipment

Dead On Tools All The Way

Focus and Concentration

Dead On Tools Demands Exacting Precision

Team Work = Dream Work

Every Pre-Race Move is Measured

It’s Go Time

Everything is Dialed In for Speed and Safety

All Eyes on the Pace Car

Dead On Tools Leads The Field

The No. 02 Race Car

Waiting for the Ceremonial Engine Start

Pre-Race Huddle

The Team is Poised and Ready

Final Pit Stop

A Race Within The Race // Every Second Counts

Charging >>> Checkered Flag

A Standing Ovation for the Final Lap

Dead On Tools 250

Champagne on the Half Mile of Mayhem

Dead On Tools 200

Lady in Black is Too Tough to Tame

The Suite is the Center

Gear, Food/Drinks, and Good Times

View from the Suite

Close to the Race with All the Premiums

Stars on the Midway

Meet Your Favorite Driver

Dead On Tools and Racing

Thunder and Lightning Make a Great Team

Dead On Tools 250

Raise Your Fists

Dead On Tools 200

Only One Can Be First

Dawn in Los Angeles

Dead On Tools Ushers in a New Era

Made To Live Out Loud

The Race Echoes Forever